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never thought i’d say “the one”

August 11, 2010

I may as well jump right into the heart of la dolce vita for me right now, so I’ll go right ahead and say it — I want to spend the rest of my life with My Guy. I’ve never been a romantic kind of girl. Sure, I love romantic movies, and yeah, I’ll cry during the really mushy ones. But I was never good at commitment, and I had a helluva lotta fun as a single girl.

But it really is true — it’ll hit you when you least expect it. I thought he was cute when I first met him, but then he started seeing a mutual friend, so I laid off. But then we got closer and, well, seven months later, we know how that story ended. And we’ve spent the summer together in fairy tale bliss. (Alright, except for a couple rough nights of awkward convos — the closest to an actual fight that we ever come.) It’s our last summer, all things considered. This time next year, we’ll both have real jobs, not worrying about getting off course waitlists and buying textbooks. And honest to goodness, this time next year, I truly believe we will be together. Because — I’ll say it again — I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

I have actually known this for a while now. But there is a large part of me that is rational — It’s the part that kept the romantic part subdued all this time. Whenever I was talking about the friend or two that are engaged or planning to marry their current boyfriend, I would always say “No, that’s silly. You need to live in the real world with the guy first.” So I haven’t said anything, to him or any of my friends, or my mom.

But then I realized, this summer has really been like a sneak preview of the real world. We’ve dealt with money issues, job issues (I quit my internship, he was with me through that), and family issues. So then I started thinking to myself, is it that crazy that I’ve been thinking about a life with him?

Then the other night — the night before he left for vacation with his family for 3 weeks (leaving behind his very sad, lonely girlfriend) — we were talking about the summer, and how Our Summer Together had ended, but it had been amazing. I talked about how it was weird to be going back to being students, and he said something along the lines of, “Well, we have nine and a half more months.” I was quiet for a while, because it was unclear what he meant, and I was terrified that he meant he and I had nine and a half more months before having to break up at graduation. So I asked him, and he reacted so strongly (“What?! No! I would never say that. I meant nine and a half more months as students. Are you kidding me?”) that I knew that he also knows that we will be spending the rest of our lives together.

Or at least give it a shot after we graduate.

Photo: “Engagement Ring Playtime” by Flickr user Photography by Shaeree.

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