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where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

August 11, 2010

I suppose any blog needs to start with that question: What am I doing here?

I’ve attempted a few other blogs. Done a couple by myself… a couple public, and one attempt at a private blog. Tried doing a general blog, tried a more specific. I even bought a domain once, seeking to launch a “successful” blog. I’m not here for that this time… This time, I’m here anonymously, but still as me. I can’t really say what brought me back here. I think it’s a combination of the need to write, the desire to record my last year at college and my first year in a serious relationship, and the simple escapism of the Internet.

I chose the phrase glassare il dolce — Italian for “to ice the cake” — because that’s how I see this blog. For myself, it will serve as icing on my life cake. A little extra something that I do. And it’s what I will primarily be writing about — the icing of life. The good stuff. The stuff you lick off your fingers with a smile. Not just the icing of my life, but other icing that’s out there as well. An article or blog or video or image I come across that encapsulates the idea of glassare il dolce — anything that adds a little something to anything that is already delicious. Because who doesn’t need a little more dolce in their lives?

Photo: “Cinnamon Ice Cream & Raspberry Sorbet” by Flickr user ulterior epicure.

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